About Us - Rochester NY Boudoir

About Us


Boudoir Studio 6201 is a branch of A Touch of Elegance Photography and we are located in the beautiful village of Fairport, NY. We have an awesome team of people that work together, not only to create extraordinary images, but also to give you an unforgettable experience during your photo session. We just want to briefly introduce ourselves:

Asif Ali(Photographer/Owner)


I am a father to my son Jaedon, a husband to my wife Nicki, a lover of fun and all things goofy! I'm passionate about life and believe that each day lived is a gift from God. It is thrilling to be able to capture moments of beauty that will forever be remembered. Just a warning, I may be seen striking a few boudoir poses during your session!!

Nicki Ali (Studio Manager/Assistant)

Nicki is my studio manager, my assistant and most of all my greatest friend and companion in life. Not to mention, she just happens to be my wife!!! It just doesn't get any better than that! Nicki goes out of her way to ensure that you are satisfied with our services and that you have the best experience possible. You'll be chatting with her by phone and email throughout the entire process and she's there to answer any questions you have.

Our Team

We work with a fabulous team of professionals - hairstylists, makeup artists, and assistants - who work hard to ensure that your experience is enjoyable and your images are phenomenal. You will certainly meet 1 or 2 of our wonderful team members during your time with us.

And we look forward to meeting YOU!

-Boudoir Studio 6201

Our Goal

Our goal at Boudoir Studio 6201 is to create tastefully elegant, sexy, and classy portraits for all of our clients. An intimate boudoir session is the perfect way for you to get pampered, feel beautiful and walk away with a timeless keepsake that celebrates your beauty.

Although our sessions are designed to create an unforgettable romantic gift for your significant other, you’ll find that it is just as much for you! Our entire experience is comfortable, private, and empowering. It’s the best confidence boost you’ll ever have!

Whether you’ve overcome a major milestone, are experiencing a life-defining moment, or simply wanting to celebrate how beautiful you are, we will team up with you to create gorgeous portraits for you to cherish for a lifetime!

Whether your portraits are a wedding, anniversary, birthday, valentine's day, or "just because" gift, they will be the best since you're giving him the gift of YOU!