What to expect

Your Arrival

When you arrive at your session, after the initial introductions, we will go over all your outfits and accessories. We will help you finalize what outfits you should wear and what accessories you ought to pair them with.

Once we’ve determined the outfits, it’s time to get pampered. Our wonderful hair and makeup stylist will take over and get you dolled up for your shoot. This process can take about an hour to an hour an half.

You can add on one of our amazing hair and make up talents for an additional cost of $75 for hair, $75 for make up or $125 for both. That fee is payable directly to the stylist at the day of the shoot. It is preferred by them to be paid in cash.

Your photographer

Asif is the photographer and he will coach you every step of the way and guide you through the most flattering poses to create beautiful images. Each scene consists of 30 minutes of photography in 1 outfit with a slight variation. So, for example, if you are doing a 3 scene session with hair and make up services you should plan on being at the studio for 3 and 1/2 hours to 4 hours. This factors in a little time for changing and some chit-chat. 

Your session

Your session is all about YOU! We want you to have a great time and feel at ease during the whole experience, so in order to make sure that you are comfortable and pampered, we offer the option to have a personal assistant present at your session for a nominal fee. 

She will be there to help you with posing, hair placement, thigh highs and garter clips, keeping your necklace in the right place, and any other things you may need/want help with during the session. 

Our Luxury Experience includes a personal assistant, but you can add her services to a 1 or 2 scene session for just $20 and to a 3 or 4 scene session for just $30. 

A fair warning :)

Whoever said beauty is pain was on to something. It is absolutely true of boudoir photography since it's kind of like yoga, pilates and twister all combined in one. You will be sore the next day.

Your "photo-shop" appointment

We will have you back at our studio 1 week after your photography session to view your gorgeous images and pick out your favorites. This is when you will have the opportunity to purchase any additional products you’d like: prints, wall-art, a custom USB of digital images, luxury albums or little black books.

It depends how you envision the final product but most of our clients end up adding on an 8x12 little black book or upgrading to a custom usb drive of additional digital images.